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Digitalization and Energy - International

2018-7-13The ubiquity of data, connectivity and devices. Digitalization trends are truly astounding. Data are growing at an exponential rate – internet traffic has tripled in only the past five years and around 90% of the data in the

LEL Gas Monitor - Gas And Flame Detection

An LEL Monitor is an instrument used to detect hazardous levels of a combustible gas or solvent vapor in air, expressed in % LEL, or Lower Explosive Limit.

Environmental Industry Equipment |

Results for environmental industry equipment from Purolite, Chemtex, HSM and other leading brands. Compare and contact a supplier near you

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Danny Computers is a local Ghanaian Information Technology (I.T) equipment sourcing and internet retailing business registered in 2005, under the registration of Business Name Act, 1962 (No. 151) which offices is based and operate from Accra, the capital city of Ghana, west Africa . We are committed to becoming the most loved and trusted local

rpb | GX4 Gas Monitor

The RPB ® GX4 ™ is an intelligent gas monitor that has the ability to detect up to 4 gases simultaneously, giving you assurance that the air you and your employees are breathing is safe. Build Your GX4 Gas Monitor Now

Climate Change and Variability in Ghana:

2014-10-18This paper provides a holistic literature review of climate change and variability in Ghana by examining the impact and projections of climate change and variability in various sectors (agricultural, health and energy) and its implication on ecology, land use, poverty and welfare. The findings suggest that there is a projected

SensAlert Four Channel Gas Detection

SensAlert Four Channel Gas Detection Controller - Sensidyne is the Leader in Air Sampling Pumps and Equipment, Gas Detection, and Sound and Vibration Measurement.

Anosmia in the News - Jennifer Boyer

2006-2-20The Boston Globe May 15, 2001 Book Provides the Missing Sense By Chet Raymo. Diane Ackerman begins her “A Natural History of the Senses” with this bold assertion: “Nothing is more memorable than a smell.”

Temperature Sensors and Temperature

2018-9-9Temperature Sensor Applications. In HVAC/R systems, our digital temperature sensors help monitor industrial heating and cooling systems and control smart thermostats while thermocouples provide feedback to boiler controls in the home.

Smart sensors - ABB Group

A factory owner has a problem. The low-voltage motors on the factory floor are old but sturdy. They have years left in them. The owners understand the company has to upgrade—they know modern, intelligent factories that connect devices to the Industrial Internet of Things significantly boost their productivity and efficiency.

Infrared detectors | Hamamatsu Photonics

2018-9-10Thermopile detectors. Low-cost sensors that generate thermoelectromotive force in proportion to the energy level of incident infrared light.

Ashtead Technology - Providing fully

2018-9-11Ashtead Technology completes joint venture. Ashtead Technology and Forum Subsea Rentals have entered a joint venture to create the largest provider of subsea survey and ROV equipment rental and associated services in the industry.

ANALEX fdM plus Ferrous Debris Monitor |

Our ANALEXfdMplus Ferrous Wear Particle Debris Analysis Monitor accurately measures the wear metal particle contamination of oil or grease samples to help reduce downtime

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Sockets Sensors:

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Sockets Sensors, manage the whole house through a smartphone. Full specifications, user manuals, reviews from customers and video.

Ventis Pro Gas Detectors - Industrial Scientific

In your line of work, a day on the job can turn from habit to hazard in a single moment. Be ready for gas hazards and more with the Ventis Pro Series.

Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in

2016-9-8The Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons leads the United States'' global engagement against human trafficking, an umbrella term used to describe the activities involved when someone obtains or holds a person in compelled service.

Industrial Scientific - Gas Detectors and

By wearing the ® TX1 Portable gas detector, your workers will be the safest single gas monitor users in the world. A 2-year run time and patented DualSense Technology increase worker safety, regardless of bump test frequency, while reducing overall costs. Significantly increases worker safety - DualSense Technology ensures that, regardless

SensAir Point Gas Detector | Sensidyne

SensAir Combustible, Toxic Gas, and Oxygen Point Gas Detection Monitor

New Calibrated Air Quality Sensors for

2018-5-5Libelium released a new Gases PRO Sensor Board in May 2015. This platform features precision sensors to enable the implementation of urban monitoring, air quality, industrial, environmental or farming projects with high requirements in terms of accuracy, reliability, and measurement range. The new gas sensors line is available

Eden - Safety sensors, switches and locks

Easy PL e with Eden safety sensor - Eden sensors can be connected in series while maintaining . 4. - Only one Eden per guard is necessary to reach PL

Airtec Diesel Particulate Monitor | FLIR

The Airtec monitor is an elemental carbon monitor designed to determine exposure of workers in underground mine to diesel particulate material (DPM). Airtec uses a real-time particle capture and light-transmission method to yield elemental carbon values which closely correlate with NIOSH 5040 test results. The Airtec monitor provides results that

Optical sensors | Hamamatsu Photonics

2018-9-8Image sensors. Hamamatsu Photonics develops and manufactures image sensors with high ivity and a wide dynamic range that are ideal for high precision measurement such as spectrophotometry, as well as industrial measurement.

Traffic Sensors | FLIR Public Safety | FLIR

FLIR TrafiCam x-stream. Vehicle presence and data collection sensor. TrafiCam x-stream combines a CMOS camera and video detector in one unit. TrafiCam x-stream sensors detect and monitor moving and stationary vehicles at signalized intersections and collect traffic data at intersections or interurban roads.